Red Herring April 22 2019 Daily Daily Puzzle Answers

Red Herring Daily Puzzles Answers of 22nd April 2019 Check Red Herring daily Puzzle answers for Clues “Beyonce Albums”, “Chanel Fragrances” and “Baking –” etc. Click here for more Red herring answers. Beyonce Albums Chanel Fragrances Baking — I Am… Sasha Fierce 18 Soda Lemonade 5 Sheet Beyonce 19 Powder 4 22 Oven More recent […]

7 Little Words April 14 2019 – Daily Puzzle Answers

Seven Little words Daily Puzzle game Answers 14/April/2019: 7 Little words daily puzzles answers are revealed here. Browse the cheats with its clue wise below. The first answer of 7 Little Words is “CHRISTIE” for the clue “writer Agatha”. Second answer is “CRYSTAL” for the clue “comedian Billy”. Third answer is “HANNAH” for the clue”actress […]

Wordscapes Daily Answers March 21 2019

Check Wordscapes March 21 2019 Daily Puzzle Answers Find the solutions to Wordscapes daily Puzzles here. To check more previous Wordscapes answers click here. Todays [ i.e 21/3/2019 ] solutions are given below. FIT FLU LIP LIT PIT PUT TIP TIL LIFT FLIP TULIP UPLIFT PITIFUL More recent answers – Wordscapes Daily About Wordscapes Puzzle […]