Month: April 2018

Red Herring Daily Puzzle Answers April 30 2018

Red Herring Answers April 30, 2018 [ Monday ] Check Solved solutions to Red Herrings of  30-04-2018 with Clue words. –wares of the Kitchen Kitchen Item or Verb Blondes Glass Cup Bleach Silver Spoon Platinum Enamel Plate Strawberry Bake Mug* Dirty

7 Petits Mots Daily Puzzles Answers Avril 30 2018

Browse April 30, 2018, Daily Puzzle Cheats – 7 Petits Mots Here are the solutions of 7 Petits mots puzzles with Clue Words. Check 30/April/2018 Puzzle solutions below. For more 7 Petits Mots solutions click here. Nevers s’y situe – NIEVRE si on y est on est fauché – DECHE dégradée, privée de gloire – DECHUE […]

7 Little Words Answers April 30 2018

Seven Little Words Daily Puzzle Answers – April 30, 2018, Monday Check 30/April/2018 Solutions to 7 Little Words Puzzles. Below are the solved answers with clues. Category of Puzzle: 7 Little words Date of cheats: 30-April-2018 [ Monday ] singer and actress Moore – MANDY explains again – REITERATES taking issue with – CONTESTING American […]

Bonza National Geographic Daily Puzzles Answers April 29 2018

Bonza Nat Geo Answers 29/April/2018 [ Saturday ] Here are the solutions to Bonza National Geographic daily Puzzles. Bonza Nat Geo 29-04-2018 solutions are solved by using the clue words “On The Coast” and “Body Lingo”. Bonza Nat Nat Geo Cheats of Clue word “On The Coast” Across Down Surf Shore Beach Sand Swim Rock […]

April 29 2018 | Bonza Daily Puzzle Answers

BonzaDaily Word Puzzles Cheats – April 29, 2018 [ Sunday ] Check Answers to Bonza Daily Puzzles. April/29/2018 Solutions are solved based on the clue Word “Addictions”. Across Down Sugar Drugs Nicotine Shopping Heroin Caffeine Facebook Alcohol Gambling

April 28 2018 | Bonza Daily Puzzle Answers

Bonza Daily Puzzles Answers – Saturday, April 28, 2018 Are you searching for Bonza  Daily Puzzles Cheats?. Here are the free solutions of 28th April 2018 to Bonza Puzzles with Clue words. Answers of 28-04-2018 are based on the Secret word “Puzzled” Bonza Daily Puzzle Solutions Based on Clue word – ” Puzzled” Across Down Non […]

7 Petits Mots Quotidien Puzzles Réponses – Avril 29 2018

Avril 29 2018 Sunday Puzzle Cheats – 7 Petits Mots Here are the free cheats to 7 Petits Mots daily Puzzles. Find the solved solutions with clues below. Puzzle Category: 7 Petits Mots Date of cheats: 29/April/2018 [ Sunday ] écrivain André – GIDE journal intime public – BLOG exposer – DETAILLER fracture ou fissure […]

Red Herring Daily Puzzle Answers April 29 2018

April 29, 2018, Sunday Solutions – Red Herring Daily Puzzles Solved solutions to Red Herrings are given below with clues and cheats. Check 29/April/2018 Red  Herring answers below. Steak Orders Praise Unhappy Medium Super Job Low Blue* Well Done Mopey Rare Keep It Up Down Medium Well Excellent Work Gloomy

7 Little Words Daily Puzzle Answers April 29 2018

Seven Little Words Answers –  Sunday, April 29, 2018 Check 29/04/2018 solutions to 7 Little words daily puzzles. Solved solutions of puzzles with clue words given below. For more 7 Little Words cheats click here. backyard load hauler – WHEELBARROW hide with a pretty veneer – WHITEWASH one-on-one climactic battle – SHOWDOWN one using a […]