7 Little Words Sunday, August 26, 2018, Daily Puzzle Cheats

Check solutions to 7 Little Words Daily Puzzles with Clues here. Todays [26/08/2018 ] solutions are based on the clue words Northwest Passage user, land south of the border, Big East, for example Southwest, for one, Kanye West, e.g, “The North Star State” andland of Southeast Asia. Find solved answers in the below table. Clues are given in Red colour and answers are in the blue colour. For more updates like us on facebook here. click here for More previous 7 Little Words Answers.

Date of the puzzle: 26-August-2018

Category of the puzzle: 7 Little words

Northwest Passage userSEAFARER
land south of the borderMEXICO
Big East, for exampleCONFERENCE
Southwest, for oneAIRLINE
Kanye West, e.gRAPPER
“The North Star State”MINNESOTA
land of Southeast AsiaCAMBODIA

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