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7 Little Words Bonus January 28 2019 Daily Puzzle Answers

7 Little words Daily Bonus Puzzle Answers – 28 January 2019

Check 7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle answers of 28th Jan 2019. Solutions are given in the below table with its clues. To check more previous answers to 7 Little words Bonus Puzzles click here.

Daily Bonus Puzzle Answers 28/January/2019

Bonus Puzzle Answers 28/Jan/2019

Where the furnace is  – BASEMENT
Loosening a jacket maybe  –UNZIPPING 
Female spotted feline  – LEOPARDESS
Nine-tenths of law they say  – POSSESSION
Pop singer Humperdinck  – ENGELBERT
More kooky  – NUTTIER
Green-Eyed Lady band  – SUGARLOAF
Lowest storey  – BASEMENT
1st king of all england  – ATHELSTAN
Like diet fizzy drinks  – SUGARLESS

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