7 Little Words December 23 2018 Daily Puzzle Answers

7 Little Words Answers – Sunday, December 23, 2018

Browse 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle solutions of Dec 23rd, 2018 here. Today’s answers to 7 Little Words are solved based on the clues “polite post-request word”, “someone from Kinshasa” and “CONGOLESE liquid in a car radiator” etc. To check more 7 Little Words puzzle answers click here. For more Daily puzzle answers click here.

Seven Little Words Daily Puzzle Cheats – 23/12/2018

  1. polite post-request word – PLEASE
  2. someone from Kinshasa – CONGOLESE
  3. liquid in a car radiator – ANTIFREEZE
  4. specialized knowledge – EXPERTISE
  5. Athenian philosopher – SOCRATES
  6. those who are not present – ABSENTEES
  7. janitor’s jangly accessories – KEYS

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