7 Little Words December 4 2018 Daily Puzzle Answers

Check 7 Little Words Answers – Tuesday 4 December  2018

Find answers to 7 Little Words December 4, 2018, here. Today’s solutions are solved based on the clue words like refrigerated foods and empty stomach sound. Solutions are given in Blue Color and Clues are in red color. To heck more Seven Little Words answers click here. Below you can find solved answers of 4th December 2018.

  1. like refrigerated foods – PERISHABLE
  2. empty stomach sound – RUMBLING
  3. below the regular grade – SUBSTANDARD
  4. every story has two of them – SIDES
  5. faux diamond, with “cubic” – ZIRCONIA
  6. sign on California hillside – HOLLYWOOD
  7. soccer superstar Beckham – DAVID

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