7 Little Words February 28 2019 Daily Puzzle Answers

7 Little Words Answers – Thursday 28 February 2019

Check 7 Little Words Feb 28 2019 daily answers with its clues below. Today’s solutions are solved based on the hints which are listed below. The 1st answer is “MIRING” for Clue “sticking in the mud”. The 2nd answer is “SCOTTIES” for clue “canine Monopoly tokens”. The 3rd answer is “HOLLOWNESS” for Clue “piñata quality “. The 4th answer is “PROSECUTED” for Clue “countered the defense”. The 5th answer is “SPECTATED” for Clue “viewed a sporting event live”. The 6th answer is “CRATER” for Clue “lava source”. The 7th answer is “DISREPUTE” for Clue “stigmatized state”.

Solved solutions to 7 Little Words 28/Feb/2019

  1. sticking in the mud – MIRING
  2. canine Monopoly tokens – SCOTTIES
  3. piñata quality – HOLLOWNESS
  4. countered the defense – PROSECUTED
  5. viewed a sporting event live – SPECTATED
  6. lava source – CRATER
  7. stigmatized state – DISREPUTE

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