7 Little Words March 1 2019 Daily Puzzle Answers

7 Little Words Daily Puzzle Answers – Friday, 1 March 2019

Check answers to 7 Little Words daily Puzzles with its clues here. March 1st answers are solved based on the clue words “Dartmouth, for one”, “clothes, in old slang” and “stone fruits” etc. All solved solutions are given below. You can check more previous 7 Little Words daily answers date wise here.

Solved solutions – 7 Little Words Daily Puzzles 1/3/2019

  1. Dartmouth, for one – COLLEGE
  2. clothes, in old slang – TOGS
  3. stone fruits – APRICOTS
  4. without shame – UNABASHED
  5. like Pine Sol, perhaps – LEMONY
  6. Peter Pan had his sewn on – SHADOW
  7. restaurant delivery service – GRUBHUB

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