7 Little Words November 16 2018 Daily Puzzle Answers

Check 7 Little Words Nov 16, 2018 – Daily Puzzle Cheats

Category of the Puzzle: 7 Little Words

Date of answers: November 16, 2018

Browse the solved solutions to 7 Little Words of Nov 16, 2018, below.  Today’s answers are solved based on the clue words “held in a nurturing way, like a cat burglar, with kindness, Prince Harry & Lindsay Lohan, coup, subject to the conditions of and more pointed, in a way.

  1. held in a nurturing way:- CRADLED
  2. like a cat burglar:- STEALTHY
  3. with kindness:- NICELY
  4. Prince Harry & Lindsay Lohan: – GINGERS
  5. coup: – OUSTER
  6. subject to the conditions of:- UNDER
  7. more pointed, in a way: – SHARPER

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