Check 7 Little Words April 7 2019 Daily Puzzle Answers

Browse the solutions to 7 Little Words daily Puzzles of 7th April 2019 with its clues. Here you can check all daily puzzle solutions date wise. Today’s [ 7/April/2019 ] answers are solved based on the clues, which are given below in red color. To check more 7 Little Words answers click here. Scroll down the page to check 6th April solutions.

Seven Little Words Daily Answers 7 April 2019

  1. spotted horse – APPALOOSA
  2. spotted cat – CHEETAH
  3. spotted dog – DALMATIAN
  4. spotted deer – FAWN
  5. spotted giant – GIRAFFE
  6. spotted cow – HOLSTEIN
  7. spotted insect – LADYBUG

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